Specially adapted courses give children and young people between the ages of 8 and 18 the opportunity to learn Anapana meditation (the first stage in Vipassana) during a residential weekend at Dhamma Dipa. The weekends also include physical and creative activities.


Anapana meditation helps develop concentration of the mind and can have many benefits for children. Many experience a positive change in outlook, behaviour and attitude. They develop an inner strength that helps choose right and appropriate actions over wrong actions. Many also find that their memory has strengthened and they are more able to overcome worries and calm their mind.


For dates: see Course schedule.


All application forms must be accompanied by a parent/guardian form, which must be fill out and return to the centre.


Learning Anapana meditation is very valuable because it will give you many benefits. Practising Anapana will help you to train your mind to become concentrated and calm. This will make your mind strong so that you will be able to avoid doing or saying things that are hurtful or harmful to yourself and to others. This strength of mind will help you feel happier and more peaceful. In order to practise Anapana successfully it is important that you agree to follow the “Code of Behaviour” written below. While participating in the Anapana course you should agree to follow these rules because they will provide a good foundation for your meditation practice and will ensure that you don’t do or say anything that disturbs or distracts other children or spoils the atmosphere of the course. At the bottom of your application form you will find a question that asks you if you agree to follow this “Code of Behaviour” while you are at the meditation course. Underneath it is a place to sign your name, it means that you agree to follow the “Code of Behaviour”. 1) I agree to follow the Five Precepts for the duration of the course: I shall abstain from killing. I promise to try to treat all beings kindly and not kill them or harm them in any way. I shall abstain from stealing. I promise to take only what is given to me and not take anything which belongs to others without permission. I shall abstain from a life of misconduct. I promise to treat other boys and girls as if they were my brothers or sisters or best friends. I shall abstain from speaking lies, harsh words, or backbiting which will harm others. I promise to speak truthfully, kindly and gently, and not to tell lies or to say hurtful things to anybody or about anybody. I shall abstain from taking any intoxicant. I promise not to take any alcohol, drugs or intoxicants, but to keep my mind clear. 2) I promise to do my best to follow the instructions that I will be given during the course. 3) I agree not to enter the girls’ dormitory if I am a boy or the boys’ dormitory if I am a girl. 4) I agree not to enter any other child’s room after 9.00 pm. 5) I agree not to take food or drink into my room. 6) I agree not to bring to the course any of the items listed in the confirmation letter i.e. toys, footballs, food and drink, sweets, electronic games, books, music players, mobile phones. 7) I agree to follow the timetable and take part in all the meditation and activity sessions. 8) I agree not to play contact sports such as football, rugby, wrestling, play-fighting etc. while I am on the course.