You might have noticed people who are sharing a ride to the Vipassana centre, either to sit a course or to give Dhamma service.

So far most of the contacts for such shared rides were organized, by the office at Dhamma Neru.

Dhamma Neru followed other centres and activated a rideshare board. It is hosted and maintained by volunteers solely for the purpose of facilitating rides to Vipassana courses. It is available in the local languages.

All participants of the courses can make use of this Rideshare board, if they are either offering or looking for a lift.

Where can you find the Rideshare board?


You can access the Rideshare Board by clicking on this website:


How does the Rideshare board work?


You have to add your name in the field "Rides requested" or "Rides offered" for courses being held at Dhamma Neru or for non-centre courses being held in Spain.


You can easily contact a person offering or requesting a ride by clicking on the "Contact me" button in the respective field.


The system also provides the possibility to very easily unsubscribe from the Rideshare board anytime you might wish to do so, by simply clicking on the "Delete entry" button in the respective field.


More information: [email protected]